Continuing the same stretch of reality and imagination as displayed on New Age Middle Finger. Full-length coming soon!


Check SKECH185 giving a rundown on Chicago hip-hop. This is a perspective that needs to be heard. Possibly a narrative that won’t be told. Listen in!


RSVP ON FACEBOOK! 5/15: PORTLAND 5/20: SAN JOSE 5/21: SAN FRANCISCO 5/21 SAN FRANCISCO PRESALE TICKET LINK ReSERVED Records “We don’t do normal…anymore. http://www.reservedrec.com


ReServed Records Presents: WITCH HUNT DISCO 5 A new era of unexplainable sound mysteries… Featuring performances by: LA BESTIA http://www.reverbnation.com/labestiamusica Phantom Thrett of Osa : One Step Ahead/ReServed https://soundcloud.com/threttninezero Grill Billyenz of Dojo Dungeon/ReServed https://soundcloud.com/madtasma380ium FREE GIVEAWAYS FROM ReServed! Beats throughout the nite by Lola la ShowGirl of Space Circus https://lolalashowgirl.bandcamp.com/ Curated by Gilead7 of […]


ReSERVED Records is honored to support the artwork of Radius, one of Chicago’s most talented, ingenious, and hard-working producers. From his vinyl and digital releases through outlets such as The Secret Life of Sound, Crosstalk Distribution, and his own Etc. Records, Radius has lit and maintained a fire for a hard and funky progressive sound […]


Newest dropping from the Tomorrow Kings’ Nigger Rigged Time Machine remix album. UncommonNasa came thru and assigned an excellent alternate soundscape for “Henry Hyde.” Listen and be deformed.


A TRIAL YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS! SNOTTY KNOWZ (Jyroscope and Malakh El) CHICAGO, IL http://jyroscope.bandcamp.com/ http://www.tomorrowkings.bandcamp.com SECOND CITY CITIZENS CHICAGO, IL http://secondcitycitizens.bandcamp.com/ UNCOMMON NASA NEW YORK, NY. http://uncommonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/new-york-telephone CARL KAVORKIAN PHILADELPHIA, PA http://carlkavorkian.bandcamp.com/ COS CHICAGO, IL. https://soundcloud.com/cosigner SEE YOU THERE!


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