On this dynamic remix of the Tomorrow Kings outstanding showpiece of a track “Michael Jordan” (found on TK’s debut album, Nigger Rigged Time Machine, and featuring members SKECH185 and Lamon Manuel), the original cast is switched out for alternate firestarters. First up is Tomorrow King Collasoul Structure, followed by Chicago’s own Skigh Mob member and […]


Continuing the same stretch of reality and imagination as displayed on New Age Middle Finger. Full-length coming soon!


Check SKECH185 giving a rundown on Chicago hip-hop. This is a perspective that needs to be heard. Possibly a narrative that won’t be told. Listen in!


RSVP ON FACEBOOK! 5/15: PORTLAND 5/20: SAN JOSE 5/21: SAN FRANCISCO 5/21 SAN FRANCISCO PRESALE TICKET LINK ReSERVED Records “We don’t do normal…anymore. http://www.reservedrec.com


ReServed Records Presents: WITCH HUNT DISCO 5 A new era of unexplainable sound mysteries… Featuring performances by: LA BESTIA http://www.reverbnation.com/labestiamusica Phantom Thrett of Osa : One Step Ahead/ReServed https://soundcloud.com/threttninezero Grill Billyenz of Dojo Dungeon/ReServed https://soundcloud.com/madtasma380ium FREE GIVEAWAYS FROM ReServed! Beats throughout the nite by Lola la ShowGirl of Space Circus https://lolalashowgirl.bandcamp.com/ Curated by Gilead7 of […]


ReSERVED Records is honored to support the artwork of Radius, one of Chicago’s most talented, ingenious, and hard-working producers. From his vinyl and digital releases through outlets such as The Secret Life of Sound, Crosstalk Distribution, and his own Etc. Records, Radius has lit and maintained a fire for a hard and funky progressive sound […]


Newest dropping from the Tomorrow Kings’ Nigger Rigged Time Machine remix album. UncommonNasa came thru and assigned an excellent alternate soundscape for “Henry Hyde.” Listen and be deformed.


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