Imagerial Denouement, the anticipated debut 7inch vinyl release of master producer AF THE NAYSAYER featuring dense and linguistically competent lyrics by Freestyle Fellowship’s Myka Nyne that drops TODAY? Some of your favorite blogs have been spreading the word on this dynamic and rare piece of physical audio art. LISTEN to the single and read up on AF THE NAYSAYER on extremely credible blogs such as:




J.Good of Str8OutDaDen says of this track: “The sound of this is incredible. Not to mention the name makes me run for my dictionary. Lazies what do you think?”

Pick up AF’s “Imagerial Denouement” from:

ACCESSHIPHOP (the ONLY place offering 30 AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of the 7″ vinyl by Myka Nyne)

ReSERVED RECORDS (the ONLY place to acquire the digital version, the 7″ vinyl, and an album poster)





and wherever quality art is sold!

Don’t know much about this ReSERVED released and Fatbeats and Crosstalk distributed sonic gem? Here is a little text to whet the musical taste buds…

AF THE NAYSAYER has made a name for himself by creating soundtracks for numerous BMX exhibition videos, and will showcase his refreshing and laborious production style on his ReSERVED 7inch vinyl release entitled “Imagerial Denouement,” featuring Myka Nyne of Freestyle Fellowship/Haiku D’état/Project Blowed. On this masterpiece of a song, AF displays his exceptional groovy and jazzy keyboard piano playing amidst airy, hard-hitting drums while Myka Nyne articulates immaculate evolutionary imagery through his signature style of intelligent rap harmonies that have made him well-renowned. In this unique collaboration, both Myka Nyne and AF THE NAYSAYER offer their refined and rare formed best. This LIMITED 7inch mastered by the infamous Richard Simpson (responsible for work with The Monkees, David Bowie, and other RCA super artists) and with beautiful and detailed artwork by Wes Sumrall is a must have for your vinyl collection. RELEASED APRIL 23 in digital (ITunes, Amazon, etc.) forms and TODAY on 7″ vinyl! Learn more about AF THE NAYSAYER at his site, ((( ORDER THE FIRST 30 7 INCH VINYL COPIES OF “IMAGERIAL DENOUEMENT,” SIGNED BY MYKA NYNE, EXCLUSIVELY AT ACCESSHIPHOP.COM NOW AND SAVE! CLICK HERE.


Order another package of “Imagerial Denouement” from ReSERVED’s bandcamp EXCLUSIVELY. ONLY from the bandcamp will we offer the digital version, the 7inch, and/or a poster featuring the album art by Wes Sumrall. Only 100 posters are in existence, so impatience is a virtue.Pre-order this deal for an extremely LOW price and grace your collection with an uncanny and time-sensitive jewel never to be heard again.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the ReSERVED newsletter, full of updates, freebies, and good vibes. It will soon come. Talk with you soon, and thanks for traveling with us. We’re indebted to you.

“ReSERVING quality art since 2001…”

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