Thank you for giving ReSERVED Records the time of night. Your travel in this aesthetic journey with us is not only appreciated but essential. Know that you are an indispensable part of every release we create because your energy makes this unique, under the radar, and small yet effective art just as much as ours. On to a powerful update…

We’re not even worthy to present such a masterful audio collage that this email describes. Funky, sonically unkempt yet streamlined production reminiscent of a Madlib beat session on crystal meth smoked backwards. Diamond MCing peaking over the mountain of a fresh soundscape, with the densest concepts wrapped in the most intriguing and nerdy packages. Blaxploitation super protagonist samples, role playing game references, and contempt coupled with disrespect for the most popular rappers who open their mouths and say worthlessness. Champaign, Illinois’ shining stars, killing their local underground and traveling to the Windy City of Chicago and doing the exact same thing.

What is all this about?

Mad C (MC) and I2K (producer) of the Dojo Dungeon Collective ( will be dropping the physical counterpart to their 2012 digital release of their seminal release, eL.B’s, on ReSERVED. On 5/28. This album is the epitome of Khemetic rage inherited from European dominated college campus where oppression is transmitted into the canvas the beats through the microphone until the angst becomes surreal art that feels nothing like the pain and struggle it actually is. But it feels exactly like it. In other words, the proposition of revolution has never sounded this fun and funny, while remaining extremely witty. You’ll need a few listens to absorb it all. Try a few thousand. Still not enough.

This is the follow-up record that Madlib and Doom will never create. They stole the first one from these guys.

The eL.B’s JAPAN LIMITED edition is equipped with an alternate track order from the 2012 digital version (digital version is available on ITunes, Amazon, ReSERVED Bandcamp, etc.), three extra hidden tracks, and amended versions of the original tracks. Only 100 in existence, with 44 slated to be sold in the US! Get yours NOW!

Distributed by Ultra Vybe Japan.

Pre-Order at:

Access Hip-Hop (Watch the video for “Reversible Gritz” here also)

ReSERVED Bandcamp (and get the original 2012 digital version FREE when you pick up the LIMITED JAPAN PHYSICAL edition…comes with cover art posters by SKECH185)

As always, thanks for allowing us to bring you great music!

“ReSERVING quality art since 2001…”

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