LISTEN HERE: http://reservedrec.bandcamp.com/track/instrumental-feat-sev-statik

Back then, this was one of my favorite ReSERVED tracks. Wordz drops his style of language murdering with references to faith, setting himself apart from and calling out those MCs unable to wield the sword in devastating ways. Sev, alongside The Mic Extremist, destroys as well, heavy on the verbiage and light on the nonsense. The Aside of the very first ReSERVED vinyl (a rarity now that even we don’t have), “Instrumental” is a track that those in the know will forever hail as an outstanding start to an eternal label. ReSERVED.

Take a listen and pick up Wordz The Mic Extremist EP by clicking: http://reservedrec.bandcamp.com/track/instrumental-feat-sev-statik

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