Sometimes, we take the talents and individuality of those who are closest to us for granted. We become accustomed to their brilliance that its luminescence becomes second nature to us, though we are its polar. Well, let me take a step away from the close proximity I share with my Tomorrow Kings brother and friend, SKECH185, to behold his genius as an  unfamiliar outsider approaching his work at an audio aesthetic museum. In his debut release with Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser, he reveals to all why his take on the world as we know it is indelible. Abrasive and witty while showcasing a compassion for the state of swallowed humanity and all trapped in it, this duo’s debut release was a New Age Middle Finger to the universe. They flipped and desecrated everything you held dear. At least this is what the tagline said. It’s way more. On “The End”, SKECH and ATD reveal a Nietzsche-like stance of grabbing existential despair by its horns and grappling with until we or it die. We’ll all die. Why go out like a bitch? Face it, fuck with it, and win as many battles until you lose the war. Stand for somethings. Please listen to my amazing and brilliant label mates, friends, and pastors. Yours too.


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