The mastery of Crop Circles 720’s own Clock Wize is the object of study this Thursday evening. Known for holding a respected reputation for his work amidst the CCs and his Echoes of Oratory Musik label, Clock’s recently branched off into pursuing solo work. This jam is entitled “Medicine for Derelicts”, a verbal tour through the conceptual art gallery full of surreal paintings that made us all want to be MCs. With a distinct focus on skill, which automatically rejects its opposite, Clock Wize and CCs’ Word Man deliver a live gem on the stage of the 710 Fest (last Saturday in Los Angeles) that outshines most of the catalogues of the modern MC. It’s all love and hate. Take your medicine, you derelicts.


Taken from Clock Wize’s 2013 EP, Verbal In A Cup, released on Echoes of Oratory Muzik.

Check Verbal In A Cup on Bandcamp, feat Gilead7, Crop Circles 720, Oddeo, Verbal Ill, Stereotype, Roughneck Jihad, and Vitality.

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