The time has come for the road warriors to unite on the West Coast. Tomorrow Kings faction Gilascope, composed of Gilead7 and Jyroscope (DJ Seanile, I.B. Fokuz, and Collasoul Structure) have tried to embark on a West Coast excursion before. But for whatever reason, the stars didn’t align in such a way for them to even get across the street. In June of 2014, after Gilead had been in seemingly promising talks with a legendary hip-hop crew about touring with them in the fall only to discover that he and their management were on different pages, he decided to put some things together for himself. Encouraged by the great AF THE NAYSAYER to set up a tour on his own, with the help of AF and some others, he did just that. ReSERVED’s own Phantom Thrett, the dynamic vocalist/instrumentalist who will release the completed and coveted 12″ vinyl instrumental full-length Freelance Fresh in December of “14, will be accompanying Gilascope, offering his own dynamic blend of beats and rhymes to the tour mixture. Clockwize, the God of the Echoes of Oratory Muzik domain, will also be present, delivering his superior MCing and DJing skills as he joins the mission as the last but far from least addition to the unit. The synergy that Gilascope was known to generate in live performances in the Midwest some years ago will be renewed as the gentlemen perform songs from Jyroscope’s Ragtime album, Gilead7 and I.B. Fokuz’s ADVENT: A Modern Bible, and their own version of songs from TK’s 2013 classic, Nigger Rigged Time Machine. What the entire crew have in store for you will be a rap clinic in the truest sense, sending all amateur backpackers to their notepads and practice sessions. A pillage will occur. Stages will be smashed. Feelings will be broken. Styles will be ridiculed. Biters will be destroyed. The ReSERVED standard will fly across the West Coast like a flag signalling the entrance of a new era. Here’s to a good tour. And good art.

8/22-9/1. Coming to a West Coast town near you. Stay tuned to for updates such as radio spots, in-stores, giveaways, and other important information.

Corona, Ca.-Whitefish, MT.


Click on the flyer to see the dates!







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