KARMA KINGS (TK & KARMA KIDS) EAST COAST TOUR!  1888734_10151911447986650_352407866_n

  Tomorrow Kings, the immaculate cynics of established art patterns, continue to raise domestic and international attention with their unsettling aesthetic presented in their seminal album Nigger Rigged Time Machine. From random appearances on UK media outlets and The Source to in-depth and interesting interviews on sites such as UGSMAG and hiphoplt.com, the crew has planted an imprint on the scene that perpetuates the ripple effects began at its release a few weeks over a year ago in 2013. ReSERVED will celebrate the long shelf-life of the Nigger Rigged Time Machine idea with an East Coast tour in mid-January. Spanning from the 14-21, the crew will assault cult audiences with a barrage of words, coded language, symbols, and tremors to the foundations you thought were solid. Make sure you are attendance when Tomorrow Kings, accompanied by New York purveyors of imaginative hip-hop, The Karma Kids, enter your area. These are moments that civil rights leaders wish were more obscure than they already are. The guys will be glad to see you, talk with you, and reinvent your life in the space of a live show. The tour is called The Karma Kings Tour.

Twitter: @tomorrowkings

Tour Schedule:

(Wed) 1/14/15– Brooklyn, NY @ The Flat

(Thurs) 1/15/15– New London, CT @ The Oasis Pub

(Fri) 1/16/15– Newport, RI @ Jimmy’s Saloon

(Sat) 1/17/15– Boston, MA @ TBA

(Sun) 1/18/15– Providence, RI @ The Parlor

(Mon) 1/19/15– The Moon, Space @ (DAY OFF)

(Tues) 1/20/15– Philadelphia, PA @ Sound Hill

(Wed) 1/21/15– Trenton, NJ @ Millhill Basement
A remix album of Nigger Rigged Time Machine is in the works now.

Peep two of the remixes:
Nigger Rigged Time Machine (DOS4GW REMIX) by Tomorrow Kings, dosg4w, aoi

2. Greetings from Tuskan
Imagine Tomorrow (GFT REMIX) by Tomorrow Kings

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