ReSERVED Records is honored to support the artwork of Radius, one of Chicago’s most talented, ingenious, and hard-working producers. From his vinyl and digital releases through outlets such as The Secret Life of Sound, Crosstalk Distribution, and his own Etc. Records, Radius has lit and maintained a fire for a hard and funky progressive sound that is all his own. The well-traveled Radius released a record entitled Time Travel Is Real (A Prelude To Japan…) digitally via Etc. Records and on cassette on Accident Records (www.ihadanaccidentrecords.com) prior to him traveling to Japan and painting sound upon crowds who had no way of knowing what sort of enigmatic experience would seduce their consciousness, causing them to dance like they were not dancing at all while time became exposed for the lie that it is. Sonic baptism.

Radius is trying to get this album on vinyl. He’s almost at the finish line. He’d love for you to create this reality with him. Accept his offer and contribute to the legacy of history, of the human story.

Read more HERE! And support!

Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/radiusetc


Look for the Radius/Phantom Thrett split 7″ on ReSERVED. Coming soon…


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