Progressive hip-hop group Jyroscope unearths their latest release On The House. The trio consists of members I.B. Fokuz, Collasoul Structure and DJ Seanile. “Jyro” has performed alongside the likes of K-os, The Cool Kids, Pac Div, Saul Williams, and Kool Herc throughout their journey.  Known for the manifestation of alluring performances, On The House has been long awaited by fans since the release of Ragtime and On The Rocks in 2011 on Reserved Records. On The House marks the 3rd release from the group.

On The House is a convivial and versatile ode to Chicago house music and the hip-house genre that spawned from it. Jyroscope’s innovative take on 90’s styled hip-hop, soul, and RnB with an abstract, unconventional touch along with the incorporation of house music is incommensurable and fulfills the essence of the subgenre.

Every track can be viewed as an avant-garde remix to already published house tracks. The first being “Move Your Body” sampling the Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles presented jam which surmises the idea of dancing and how it is the energies that are implemented into music that makes for knocking dance tunes while “Be My Lover” samples La Bouche which is one of the most celebrated songs of the 90’s.  The project brings together the nostalgic feeling of a 90s “Best of dance” hit with dense yet fun, comprehensible lyricism to create an explosion of sounds that teeters between massive pop hit and an undeniable cult favorite.

The successful hybridization of their brand of hip-hop and house is also a representation of Jyro’s potential to operate between both sides of the spectrum: commercially viable and word-heavy, thought-provoking existentialism.






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