DRXQUINNX (formerly I2K of Mad C and I2K) released his new EP, Bright Lights in LoFi  on ReSERVED Records. Prepare to embark  on a “psychedelic rap trip” Low Fidelity (LoFi) and journey through the mind of rap antithesis that is DRXQUINNX. “Bright Lights in LoFi” is a 7 track EP that showcases a sample of DRXQUINNX’s talents combining underground and new age Hip Hop. Along with his versatile styles of beats and rhymes, he touches on some serious topics involving religion, social issues, the state of Hip Hop, and finding one’s blackness. Where most rappers would use a direct message, DRXQUINNX uses his “cryptic” wordplay to illustrate his message through clever puns and references. “Bright Lights in LoFi” is an EP that puts you in the setting of a LoFi B movie that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more.




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