On November 22, 2016, Chicago artist, Tomorrow King and Future Cult Leaders of America (FCLA) founding member Lamon Manuel released his freshman project Music to Feel Like Sh*t to. Manuel mainly partnered with renowned producer Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser to create arguably one of the best projects of 2016 and for years to come. Riddled with (un)pop-culture references and delightfully dark, adult-angst lyricism, Manuel forces one to stop, listen and look one’s demons in the eyes.

Music to Feel Like Sh*t to engages topics from mental illness and addiction, to his relationship with his father and unrequited love with the pervasive character Emily. This character is given breath in Manuel’s videos for ‘Skies’ and ‘Sh*t, Everything We Have Together is Falling Apart’ directed by Samantha Wakefield.

Manuel reintroduces several of his crowd-rocking, cult-favorites on the project: ‘Paper Cups,’ ‘Skies,’ and ‘Emily, Panic.’ Music to Feel Like Sh*t to features appearances from Collasoul Structure of Jyroscope, fellow Tomorrow King and ½ of War Church, SKECH185, and up and coming Chicago hip-hop/indie-folk artist Angel Katz. It also gives nods to Eyedea, Cage, and other esteemed peers.

This album is available for streaming and purchase through the ReSERVED bandcampManuel’s bandcamp, the iTunes Apple Store, Spotify and more…

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