A philosopher pursuing a PhD in philosophy of religion. Host of dynamic hip-hop in-stores at SoCal’s legendary hip-hop staple the Globe Clothing Store (GCS). Absent minded young adult. An MC/Producer with records all over the world. This partially sums up Los Angeles via Chicago’s Gilead7, going from rapping in church basements over standard boom bap beginning over a decade ago to stages all around the country, making his own soundscapes rich with Celtic harps, Tori Amos chops, and his otherworldly drum patterns with alien raps. Linguistically, G7 is hailed in Chicago and abroad for his unique surrealistic style of avant garde writing, rapid fire delivery, and exceptionally cohesive freestyling ability. In the course of his career, he’s collaborated and shared stages with everyone from The Visionaries, Nocando, Listener (Mush Records/Deepspace 5), Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, Pacewon (Outsidaz) Maker (Fatbeats Records, Glue, Qwel, Galapagos4, etc.), Bambu of Soul Assassins, Psalm One (Rhymesayers), Grayskul (Rhymesayers), Qwazaar of Typical Cats, Vast Aire, Offwhyte, Invincible, Phantom Thrett of OSA, Pack FM, Tunnel Rats, and others. G7 was included among URB magazine’s Next 1000 to watch for in 2009. Since the Autumn of ’09, he has been creating a growing buzz in the SoCal scene through well-executed performances, victories in freestyle battles, and hosting well-attended in-store performances at Pomona’s GCS (www.gcsclothing.com). Gilead7′s most recent solo offering is his joint project with fellow Tomorrow Kings member I.B. Fokuz entitled ADVENT: A Modern Bible, released on Chicago novelty label The Secret Life of Sound (www.tslos.com). In this Fatbeats and Ultra Vybe (Japan) distributed release, G7, over I.B. Fokuz’s production, articulates through several metaphors and concepts a lifestyle that gives us the option to replace the binding dogmas commonly attributed to the world religions with a simple yet complex commitment to justice to each other and all inhabitants of the universe. G7 played a key role in the Tomorrow Kings’ critically acclaimed Nigger Rigged Time Machine, a release solidifying the TK brand globally in the marketplace. In addition to his work as an MC, Gilead7 has also served as an adjunct professor and teaching assistant at the Claremont School of Theology, the esteemed graduate institution where he taught a course of his own design on Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison as religious figures comparable to Jesus and Buddha. Sought after nationwide for not only performances but also conference speaking on topics ranging from philosophy to aesthetics, Gilead7 is ready to travel and humbly provide his unique brand of thought to all who are blessed to have encountered his words.

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