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MadC is one of the founding members of the Morlocks. For the Dojo Dungeon crew, Mad C is Leonardo. He is the Red Ranger. He’s the franchise player. He is never not on a rampage. Whether its rhymes, art, or student advising, he always manages to stay busy, focused, and productive. His hard work is paying off. While not hailing from a big city, Mad C is getting noticed purely for the potency of his craft. His profile continues to rise as he slowly breaks into the underground scene in Chicago, working and performing with the likes of Skech 185 of Tomorrow Kings and ReServed Records, and Hellsent of Outerlimitz and the Galapagos4 crew.

I2K is Dojo Dungeon’s resident hybrid. Hailing from Champaign, IL he is as much of a producer/beatmaker, as he is an emcee. Writing since a pre-teen and producing since high school, I2K didn’t become serious until college, which led him to winning a contest that allowed him to open for Lupe Fiasco. He cites Lupe, Common, Madlib, J Dilla, and Fly Lo as just some of his influences. This is reflected in his creative & expressive rhymes and his dense, intricate, and sample heavy beat style. I2K has collaborated with Springfield’s Cornbread, a.k.a Corn da Coon and combined with Mad C to create the full length LP, el.Bs, which has garnered attention in the underground scenes in Central Illinois and Chicago. I2K diversifies the Dojo Dungeon sound and adds another dimension to the quickly evolving collective.

MadC and I2K’s el,B’s, the full-length that is to hip-hop what Are You Experienced was to rock, coming soon! You should be anticipating this one! For booking, email booking@reservedrec.com.


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