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“There is something comforting about creating a line in the sand. Waste and excess weight often lives with the undecided”

SKECH185 is the B-Side of Chicago Hip Hop; he is not safe and he is not easily digestible.  His approach is often cacophonous, drenched in staccato and inescapably witty. Within his work is a kind of dark comedy that details the American culture that hides itself in last calls and early morning train rides. Self described as the “orphan child of a bastard movement,” he is a part of a generation of MC’s that works on the fringes of the scene that chose to be unapologetically aggressive and intelligent inspired by the music of Qwel, Thawfor, Rubberoom, Company Flow and Sonic Sum (to name a few). That said, understand influence is where the buck stops because, as you listen to his music, you find a divergent path that leads more into melody and finds catchiness in the most artsy of places. Described as “The Incredible Hulk of Chicago” he has honed his stage show rocking with everyone from Heltah Skeltah to Beans (Anti-Pop Consortium) to Boots Riley.

With his crew Tomorrow Kings, they have pushed Progressive Hip Hop forward by reintroducing a sense of showmanship and swagger missing from the indie scene for some years with their debut LP “Nigger Rigged Time Machine” (ReServed Records 2013) Working with long-time collaborator Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser, they have created “New Age Middle Finger”(2011) which, at the time, challenged the growing docility and scapegoating found in modern society and art. In his current form, Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser and him are back with “Gunship Diplomacy” under the group name War Church which promises to be, as he says, “the natural progression of anger and cynicism four years of living will leave you with.”

For booking and Info:skech185@gmail.com