Tomorrow Kings is a group of seven emcees and one DJ with a wealth of musical styles and artistic directions at their command. The central aim of the collective is to break the typical mold usually prescribed to Hip Hop artists through creative deviations that shed light on life in a globalized and postmodern world.

With several distinct styles of delivery and cadence along with their own varied influences, each emcee plays their part. These roles range from traditional storytelling and skill rhymes to vivid hardcore imagery and avant-garde soundscapes and lyrics reminiscent of John Coltrane or Ornette Coleman. Tackling subjects like religion, social change and global politics, each member expresses themselves in their own unique way, yet display a colleagueship which results in multidirectional and electrifying musical rawness. You would need to witness it to get a glimpse of what’s happening here.

Composed of multitalented creative technicians known for taking the mold, shattering it, and representing several facets of reality for what they are, Tomorrow Kings is self destined to release an aesthetic ethos so universally transformative that life as we know it would fade into black if it failed to imitate their art.

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